About Us!

Hoi there!

I(Whippingdot) created this organization because I wanted to have an organization for us coders who use Repl.it. I wanted to create cool project with the fellow members without having to comment on random posts that I saw on repl talk. I also wanted to create project for Repl.it too without having to reveal the plan by commenting. The community here is fun and we always have chats with anyone. If you have a question on one of our projects, you can ask in an issue or disccusion and we will help.


This organization is free to repl.it members, and you can give a message to use that you want to join in just a click of a few buttons in our Sign up page where you give us your repl.it profile link and your github profile link. I recommend having a few months prior experience to GitHub though so you know how to use it. We have projects regularly and I think we finish around 3/4 project per year. The community will be very active, and even I will be active. You can always ping me on GitHub or repl.it and I will be free to help!